Our Rannoch R25
ocean rowing boat

We were fortunate to be able to Partner with a world class Boat Builder like Rannoch Adventures

How did we end up choosing Rannoch Adventures? Well, the numbers speak for themselves: "65% entries in the 2018 TWAC chose to row with Rannoch. The first 12 boats to cross the finish line were built by Rannoch"

"Each vessel is lovingly hand-crafted to a design that has been honed with many years of experience. All our production boats are the only boats on the market that are CE certified and every category entered has been won by a Rannoch boat. Rannoch Adventure has been involved in a world record in every ocean and every race and has now produced more ocean rowing boats than any other boat builder globally."

"The R25 has been designed by the most successful naval architect and ocean rowers in the world."