Who we are
The 2017 Campaign was the one that genuinely initiated our campaign when Teams like the four oarsmen and Swiss Mocean battled it out within record-shattering 29+ days.
For Mat, it was the ultimate challenge, a mix between doing something extraordinary while focusing full-heartedly on a charitable cause.

Like with all great dreams, you need the right puzzle pieces to fall into place. For our Team Row4Hope, this came in the form of Ben.

Ben, a genuine Texan with the attitude, to not let excuses get into the way, and never give up on what you started was the perfect partner for Mat.
With Make-A-Wish Central and Northern Florida, we have indeed found our best match for a cause to support.
Our wish has come true, let's make sure together that more will be fulfilled

Ben Odom

The Texan within the Team, Powerhouse of the Team

Age: 42

Height: 190cm

Weight: 102kg

Location: Kyle, TX USA

Hometown: Angleton, TX USA

Raising funds for: Just as I want to be able to chase my dreams, I want to help Make-A-Wish Central and Northern Florida with their mission of making the dreams of children with life-threatening illnesses come to life.

Rowing experience: Currently rowing at the Austin Rowing Club in Texas under the direction of Patrick Kelly and Jacksonville Rowing club in Florida under the direction of Mark Frampton.

Endurance experience: I am a fan of endurance cycling.  Some of my favorite rides include The Hotter’N Hell Hundred, The Katy Flatlands 100, and the LIVESTRONG Challenge.  I have also been convinced to join friends on several Full Tough Mudders across Texas.

Best sporting moment: Running through the Brazos Bend State Park with my wife in a full rainstorm during the Brazos Bend 50 Trail Run… dodging alligators and lightning bolts was quite the memory!

Worst moment: Being struck by a lengthy illness at age 19 was tough, and it prevented me from serving a full two years as a Mormon missionary in Guatemala at a time when that meant everything to me.  That was such a tough time, but my good friends and family helped me pull through that with my sanity and sense of humor intact.  Eventually, a full recovery gave me a new-found appreciation for health and drives me to push harder to this day.

Biggest fear for the row: My biggest fear is not being able to finish for reasons outside of my control.  I am motivated to make it to Antigua as quickly as we can, for my partner, and for the dream kids who inspire our row.

Reason for the row: I am excited for the opportunity to challenge myself physically, mentally, and spiritually, in ways I’ve never been tested before.  That I can engage in this endeavor and raise awareness for the mission of Make-a-Wish Foundation is a dream come true.

Most missed item at sea will be: Mi amorcita.

Mat Steinlin

The Floridian within the Team, Strategist of the Team

Age: 40

Height: 186cm

Weight: 105kg

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Hometown: Rebstein, Switzerland

Raising funds for: To make a difference and make life meaningful. Make-A-Wish Central and Northern Florida is an organization which strives to change destiny against all the odds.

Rowing experience: Currently rowing at the Jacksonville Rowing Club in Florida under the direction of Mark Frampton.

Endurance experience: Double Spartan Trifecta completed in 2018

Best sporting moment: Any moment which felt like I am done, and I am ready to quit, but I kept on pushing through it.

Worst moment: When I had to look at my kid’s face and tell them that her mom and I go separate ways. My biggest defeat and failure.

Biggest fear for the row: Getting lost at sea and end up in Madagascar

Reason for the row: This race has been a long dream of mine. Changing the world, making an impact while pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, what is better than that.

Most missed item at sea will be: Family and Friends.